the Watchmaking Metropolis Orchestra
    blues-gipsy-trash since 1999
    DRITTO DRITTO (2016 - vinyl with mp3 codes)

    dritto dritto
    dritto A Dead Flies on the windshield, Rusaska lui filon, I'm rich, La crise horlogère, Jumbo Jumbo, Kozarica Kolo
    dritto B Son, Tigidi, Whisky, Porque te vas, Sabotage, Serenata

    Recorded live on tape at Cozmopol by Benu / b-low.budget recordings, mastered by Vincent "traktor" Tripet at Adrenochrome Studio Le Locle, coproduced by The Watchmaking Metropolis Orchestra and Burnind Sound Records
    ACHTUNG MIT ZUVIEL SPASS (2005 - vinyl)

    Achtung mit zuviel spass
    Side A  Something missin', I'm goin' home, If I had possession, Gipsy, Temporada(Schlab version)
    Side B They're red hot, Patent blues, Packed up my suitcase, Temporada

    Recorded at Zézé's barn by Stéphane Balmer Ada Mobile Recording. Mixed here and there. Produced by The Watchmaking Metropolis Orchestra.
    PLAYS FOR YOU (2003 - vinyl)

    Plays for you
    Side A If I had Possession, Sit down on my Knees, Convexity of Life, Yodeleïhï!, Frantz, John Henry, NASA
    Side B In the Mountain with the Cows, I was resting, Crumbs, Hou hou hou!, Mary had a Little Lamb, Chacun son tour Matthieu toujours, John Henry

    Recorded and mixed at the Rambling Bombers's lounge by Stéphane Balmer Ada Mobile Recording. Produced by The Watchmaking Metropolis Orchestra.
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  • Bongo Joe Records
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Musique mp3
    Dead flies on the windshield

    I'm Rich

    La crise horlogère


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